Wellness coaching

What is wellness coaching ?

Wellness coaching is a process facilitating self reflection and creativity to enhance your ability to manage your stress and well-being on a day to day basis. 

Our concept based on holistic and highly personalised principles is optimized to guide you among all dimensions of your being. During this process we use various techniques such as interpersonal communication, massage, energetic healing or relaxation techniques to drive you effectively toward achievement and empowerment .

Conduct of the session

Each session lasts 90 minutes. It follows 3 steps : assessment, personalised treatment and coaching.

1. Assessment

During this first step we will proceed to your assessment. Together we will analyse the reasons which lead you here, your expectations, various aspect of your lifestyle and your mental well-being. All these elements will serves as a basis to define a goal and the necessary steps toward its achievement.

2. Personalised treatment

This second steps will allow you to anchor your goals, through relaxation and visualisation techniques. Following these techniques we will proceed to a treatment personalised and adapted to your goal in order to release psycho-emotional blockage.

3. Coaching

This last step is dedicated to your feedback and awareness. Together we will also define all your obstacles, your ressources, and which step toward your goal you are eager to take until the next session.

Did you know ?

Each on of us is unique. Just as each organism has its own way of responding to a stimulus, each living being has its own sensitivity. Your sensitivity makes you receptive to certain forms more than others. Although the ground is often similar, finding the right therapeutic approach for you is a way to reconnect with your sensitivity. This dialogue with your essence is an essential element for restoring and maintaining your health.

Discover all our treatments techniques


Rebalance your body’s vibrational frequency and release emotional blockage.

Craniofacial Massage therapy

Ease muscle and nerve tensions, restore the energy flow through your body.

Bach flower remedies

Reconnect with your emotions and thoughts, take part to the dialogue between your mind and body

Active imagination

Reconnect with your body and learn to dialogue with your subconscious